Mike Coughlin

15+ years in Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics and Product Optimization collectively known as “Growth” Marketing

I'll Help You

Acquire New Customers

I can build and execute a demand-gen program from scratch or augment your existing efforts

  • Acquire customers through search with relevant, optimized content
  • Engage users with proper email campaigns and list management
  • Drive awareness through FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Search ads
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Development & Marketing
Email Marketing & Automation
Performance Marketing (paid ads)
I'll Help You

Make Informed Decisions

I’ll ensure data is at the core of everything we do together but I can also help you bring data into the broader org

  • Identify and vet proper funnel metrics for your product and initiatives
  • Implement event tracking and associated data analytics tools
  • Establish reporting across the org for relevant projects and people
I'll Help You

Optimize Your Product

Through experimentation and iteration I can help you drive value at multiple points throughout your customer’s lifecycle

  • Guide users from signup through onboarding to activation
  • Improve conversion rate and efficiency throughout the funnel
  • Encourage successful users to become long-term customers

How We'll Work Together

These days I mostly work as an "in-house" contractor on longer term deals. Think of me as just another member of your team but whose health insurance you don't have to pay. I'm always open to hearing about interesting "one-off" contracts but I prefer to stick around to drive bigger initiatives

When you work with me I become truly invested in your business. I don’t operate as a typical consultant managing a bunch of billable hours for a large pool of clients. I’m a long-term marketing asset for your organization that will get to know your business inside and out, build strong relationships within your team, and make your goals my own.

A Few Current & Past Clients